We are seasoned business executives who help organizations Adapt,
Transform and Move Forward in a post pandemic world that is in chaos
(uncertain, complex, unpredictable and fast).

To Grow – we must Change, Adapt & Transform

With the publishing of his Washington Post Bestselling Book in 2013 titled, “Embrace the Chaos”, Bob Miglani identified an approach that is informed by experience, insight and a powerful concept called Chaos Theory. At the core is this:

First – there are four forces of chaos that have caused our world to change:

  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Disruption (Randomness)
  • Speed

Second – At the center of our frustration with trying to navigate the chaos is this notion of control. The fundamental truth is that leaders and organizations have very little control of the external world but we do have control of how we navigate that world focusing our energies on the controllable four: Mindset, Behaviors, Direction, Action.

We Cannot Control the Chaos
We Can Control Our Mindset, Behaviors, Direction, Action

To adapt teams to the post pandemic world, we must focus our energies at adapting to the post COVID19 world through how we think, how we lead, which direction we go and the actions we take.

Our Approach

The world has profoundly changed with a new Post-Pandemic world that will emerge.

If businesses are to survive and thrive in the years ahead – it isn’t only about reducing expenses and leveraging technology but about how organizations fundamentally shift their people – their Mindset, Behaviors, Direction and Action – towards a new, reimagined future.

We deploy a mix of disciplines, strategies and tools to help your teams adapt.

From helping your sales and business development teams to identify new ways of reaching customers to helping your supply chain colleagues re-assess their supplier strategy to developing new business relationships & partnerships to digital transformation of your business – we bring a unique “Chaos Component” to your projects helping you develop strategies for the real world that is taking shape.

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We help you build and deploy strategies and experiments because that’s how Teams Transform – by doing not just thinking.

Our Transformation Roadmap

Core Principles of Transformative Action

  • Shift mindset

    • Let go of the past models and ways of working
    • Accept the new reality
    • Focus on what you control
  • Adopt New Leadership Behaviors

    • Don’t get paralyzed by complexity
    • Increase diversity of ideas and people
    • Act fast because the market changes quickly
  • Identify New Strategies & Direction

    • Develop not one Plan A. Have “Multiple Plan A’s” (2-3 core strategies to launch at the same time with low budget allowing the market to determine what works and what doesn’t.
    • Diverge: Specialize. Go narrow. Find a niche field where there are fewer competitors because your marketing spend is better managed.
    • Where can you create a moat around your business that is hard to copy?
    • Have a beginner’s mind. Re-Learn your market because the values, behaviors, wants and needs of your customer have changed.
  • Experiment

    • Lean into action because thinking doesn’t produce results – only action does.
    • Test new models for products and service
    • Identify new ways of reaching and serving customers
    • Create new external alliances and partnerships

We Help Leaders and Organizations through Training & Development, Strategic Consulting and Designing and Deploying Experiments.