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Summary of Member Benefits Executive
Monthly Digital Discussions
Meet people, learn, ask questions, share and understand where business is headed and how your business can adapt and change to keep growing.

  • You will hear how other people are handling their job, career and business in these turbulent times
  • You get insight for the problems you are wrestling with – from a wider range of leaders
  • You share your learnings to help others
  • You get known. That’s how deals are done and Board Members are discovered.
Embrace the Chaos On-Demand Videos, Courses and Programs such as:

  • LinkedIn For Leaders Program: Grow your network & Be seen as a thought leader on the #1 professional platform
  • Bestselling Author & Speaker Masterclass (How to write, publish and sell your book)
  • Author on the Side – how to write, publish your book video course
  • How to Create Amazing Videos video course
  • How to sell your products and services through Facebook Ads, Google Ads
  • Hundreds of inspiring and instructional videos on Leadership, Personal Growth, Business and Resilience
Executive Services to Grow Your Thought Leadership

  • Get interviewed by Bob Miglani on his shows: “Transformation Talk” or “Leading in Chaos” . Get seen by over 100k+ executives, entrepreneurs and companies.
  • Get on a Podcast to share your expertise and experience
  • Co-Author a book or an article with Bob Miglani to submit to Harvard Business Review
  • Co-Record a video with Bob Miglani on a topic and distribute to your audience and customer base
  • Use of Transformation Leadership Council membership title, trademarks and badges on your LinkedIn and website profile
Quarterly Leadership Programs for 2020

  • Speak like a Pro Program
  • “Get on Board” Program (How to Get on Boards of Companies)
  • Digital sales and marketing in a Post-Pandemic world
  • New business and operating models
Transformation Leadership Summit
Participation or as a keynote speaker or panelist
Transformation Masterclass taught by Master Class Instructor such as CEOs, CMOs I and II  
1 ½ day Session with the Council I    
1 ½ day Session with the Council II    
One on One Direct line to Bob Miglani, his counsel, his network, his experience and much more.  

Exclusive Executive Peer Group

Focus: How to Adapt, Transform & Move Forward in a Post-Pandemic World

The Transformation Leadership Council (TLC) is a special group of invite-only C-Suite Level executives, entrepreneurs and authors, speakers and thought leaders who are looking to learn from others so that they can be better leaders, better entrepreneurs, better business people.

Through this Council, leaders and the panel of Master Instructors will share their inside view on how they are transforming their business through this massive disruption and change – from how employee practices are being redefined to funding and liquidity to new policies and marketing strategies to making strategic decisions. This is the group you need to come to as you determine the course of action for your career, your work and your business.

Joining this circle of experienced professionals will give you access to deep insights and unique experiences that will help you develop strategies to learn so you can move forward in these times of chaos.

We are here to do collaborative group work to help you widen your view and to help you navigate forward.

When we meet as a group on a digital discussion – you get to ask the group a question or discuss a problem you’re facing and seek counsel on perspectives. We work together to help you figure out an approach.

Bob Miglani leads all these sessions which gives you exclusive opportunity to tap his experience and expertise as a 23-year Ex-Pfizer Inc. executive, a Bestselling Author, an Inspiring Speaker and Thought Leader on Change & Transformation, an angel investor, a leadership coach and someone who has a massive network of successful people in many industries. Bob has appeared in the FT, WSJ, Big Think, Bloomberg and the Washington Post and was even interviewed on CNBC-India on his take on what it takes to navigate in disruption.

“Bob Miglani is an insightful guide to navigating times of change and disruption.”
–Ian Read, Ex-CEO of Pfizer Inc.

“With a jolt – Bob forces us to transform ourselves.”
–Deepak Ahuja, Ex-CFO of Tesla

“Bob Miglani is a master at his craft. He helped our leaders Embrace the Chaos.”
–Liz Lucadamo, Whole Foods Market

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This is an Exclusive Peer Group and so we review all applicants carefully to ensure a good fit for you and our members. We ask that you kindly fill out the brief application below and we will set up a time to speak with our Membership Director, Samantha Lerner and/or Bob Miglani so that we can learn more about your interest in joining and how we might help you develop and grow professionally.

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