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“Bob Miglani is an insightful guide to navigating times of change and disruption.”
-Ian Read, Ex-CEO of Pfizer Inc

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Embrace The Chaos

Core Principles

  • Accept and Own It
    • Accept that the world has changed.
    • Accept that the only control we have is of ourselves.
    • Accept that perfection is an illusion.
    • Accept that the power to get through this crisis is up to us.
    • We must OWN the change and take personal responsibility
  • Re-Imagine Our Future
    • We must let go of our past mindset.
    • We must create certainty of a new future that
      will pull us forward through the chaos and change.
    • Create a clear vision of the new future.
  • Stop Overthinking
    • We get stuck when we overanalyze and overthink.
    • Focusing on WHY it happened is not productive.
    • Don’t get stuck trying to be perfect during times of change.
  • Move Forward and Take Action
    • Focus your energy on doing something useful.
    • Contribute each day to making someone’s life better.
    • Create. Participate. Contribute. Engage.

“Bob Miglani is a master at his craft! Bob’s message was relevant and truly hit home with our leadership group. Bob spoke passionately about the challenges that leaders face today. The entire room was engaged throughout his entire presentation. Our leaders were left inspired and equipped with actionable tools to help them EMBRACE the CHAOS.”

Liz Lucadamo, Learning & Development Leader – Whole Foods Market Northeast Region

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