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We have a waiting problem

We wait for things to get better

We wait for the economy to improve

We wait for just the right moment

We wait til we have more money in the bank

We wait for a better day

We wait for more information

We wait for the perfect job

We wait for just the right time

We wait for the right person

We wait for a promotion

We wait until we are ready

We wait for the right words

We wait for a sign

We wait for the chaos to stop

Stop Waiting

The chaos won’t stop because it is the nature of life. To be unpredictable and full of surprises. Life has never had any order. There’s no perfect job and never a perfect time. You’ll figure things out. You’ll improvise like everyone else. Trust yourself. You’ll be fine. Have faith. Devote yourself to a purpose…anything that makes you get up in the morning. Go out and try new things. Focus on the here and now. Things have a way of working out in the end. Put yourself in the sweet spot of luck, randomness and chance by taking a new path. The right person might be in front of you already. You’ll make it work. Let spontaneity be your guide and human intuition your counsel. Time will not wait for you. Your DNA is built to handle anything.

You have been ready your whole life

Stop Waiting

Don’t Over Think

Move Forward

Embrace the Chaos!

Video: Stop Waiting | Rule #2: Say YES and Do New Things | Embrace the Chaos! | Bob Miglani

By Bob Miglani

Bob Miglani is the Author of the Washington Post Bestseller, Embrace the Chaos, which is about learning to move forward in times of change, uncertainty and disruption. He grew up running his family's Dairy Queen store, the subject of his first book, Treat Your Customers. He worked in corporate America for 23 years. Left to pursue a life of passion working in a startup, writing, motivational speaking and learning how to live a life of contribution.

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