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Don’t try to predict what’s going to happen tomorrow. Don’t over analyze. Don’t over think it.

Here’s the great thing about all this uncertainty, unpredictability, complexity and chaos in our lives today: You have just as good a shot at the next breakthrough idea as anyone else. Nothing is written in stone. Everything is malleable. Anything is possible. No one has a monopoly on good ideas or the passionate pursuit of a dream.

Don’t ask Why. ASK WHY NOT? Why can’t chaos work in my favor? Why can’t I succeed and live the life I want, as others have by luck, randomness, chance or choice? Why not me?

So go ahead and embrace the unpredictability of life and work…you might just be pleasantly surprised how it turns out.

Monday is the day of action!

Get Off the Fence…it’s ok…you’ll land just fine!

Push the Button…it’s easy…just say YES to something new!

Get in the game…you know you want to…so why not?

Throw Stuff on the Wall and See What Sticks…because something always sticks doesn’t it?

Make it Happen—you don’t need anything else…you already BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Rule #2: Say YES and DO New Things | Embrace the Chaos! | Bob Miglani

By Bob Miglani

Bob Miglani is the Author of the Washington Post Bestseller, Embrace the Chaos, which is about learning to move forward in times of change, uncertainty and disruption. He grew up running his family's Dairy Queen store, the subject of his first book, Treat Your Customers. He worked in corporate America for 23 years. Left to pursue a life of passion working in a startup, writing, motivational speaking and learning how to live a life of contribution.

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